Fifth of the way there

I’ve been working on this on and off during the week, but at this rate, I’d probably not finish this until just before the end of the year.

I was so caught up about trying to have consistent lighting and contrast before that it made my previous colors look very blown out and flat. Now that I understand a little bit more about my value placement and attempting different things, my stuff definitely has better form now.
I could use some work on textures, and my palettes could still use some more work, too.

About EU03

I like horns.
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14 Responses to Fifth of the way there

  1. Apeman says:

    really like your shading. It’s very different from what you see in all the other anime. You are really working with a lot of fine values between highlight and dark shade instead of this cell-shading you keep seeing everywhere else :). The reflected light on the red pullover of the very left figure is perfect and also the color you picked looks really right. Seems that you completely grasped the concept of the light theory.

  2. lazer 22 says:

    angel was cut out 😦 …eu i hope this doesnt drive you mad trying to complete cuse what you have so far is great!

  3. lDopeboyl says:

    i like these boobs ~

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hooray, I WAS right about that being Cynthia in your first post of this! Her face looks better, from what I can tell at this res. Though, breasts way too big. I just preferred it more personally when you drew her breasts closer to her actual size in your older drawings. But I guess it can’t be helped.
    Hope the rest of this piece goes smoothly for you.

  5. Apeman says:

    How comes that you recognize every damn character, when he is drawing something? I do not get it 😀

  6. rinka555 says:


  7. ma5h says:

    The lady on the left with the red top and labcoat is really quite excellent, well done Eu03!

  8. Erin says:

    Please do alkaid ;_;

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