Why do people still do this stop it please

I’m exaggerating a little with this one, but I see this stuff everywhere!
Blush does not magically form around highlights, so figure out other ways to make them show up.

I’ll get around to doing a new year’s drawing, so expect a horse. Or something.

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I like horns.
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10 Responses to Why do people still do this stop it please

  1. Hamblasto says:

    I just sort of saw it as a style choice.

    Does that mean it’s still okay to have hair clip through the right shoulder? :V

  2. zeh_turtle says:

    Gonna draw some MLP Gijinka? =3=

  3. lazer 22 says:

    ooooooo shiny!

    just like ham pointed out its mostly a style choice and some people just do it cuse it make it look pretty i guess? even i like that stuff from certain artist due to how they color or how they draw characters (it seems to work well on more cartoony styles)

  4. kikimaru024 says:

    Bad way of showing harsh studio lighting, perhaps?
    IDK I’m crap drawing.

  5. Apeman says:

    No, he is absolutely right. Artist often exaggerate colors to a certain extend to improve the picture. But they know the rules and how to break them. In this case there are color values that are not supposed to be there at all! First there is this whitish highlight and then the sudden change into a righ reddish color and then get back to a much more yellowish skin color. People who do this blushings just neglect their own boundaries that they are putting themselves by picking a base color for the skin. Such a big change of the color value can only be achieved by special colored lightings which is obviously not the case in the example shown above for it would be much more prominent in the rest of the skin. I have also seen it once or twice and it does not look natural at all.

  6. shelledmenace says:

    Ahh, yeah that makes a lot of sense. Sometimes I enjoy the sharp white highlights, but the blushing doesn’t have any logic to it.

  7. Apeman says:

    I always meant to ask… I have been drawing with the graphite pencil for years. Now I plan to get over to digital drawing and learn the fundamentals. But I am not able to find anything about how to pick the right colors for your pallets. By trying I sometimes get about the right color but it still seems to be a matter of luck. Since you seem to be doing a great job…

    Just meaning, if you are plannint to post a tutorial on that kind of matter, at least one guy would be really glad about it 😉

  8. Apeman says:

    P.S. I know what color to choose and know nearly everything what there is to know about shading but it is all about the fine tuning. It seems that if you got the saturation/value triangle in Corel Painter the color range between highlights and shades is not going in straight lines but in a curve from pure white to pure black touching the base color with that curve. But that is only my observation and I need someone to proof it or show me how it is really done. Additionally how far can I change the hue to warmer/colder without blowing up the whole picture. That really puzzles me at night. Plus I am sick of guys posting tutorials that cannot draw at all and always pick neon-colors for their base trying to show other how it is done…
    feel free to help me out 😀

    • EU03 says:

      Really, I don’t know the answer to this; my coloring isn’t very good nor do I feel confident about it. My only suggestion is to just keep practicing and do value and color studies of drawings you like.
      Remember that color is relative; a single color is meaningless on its own without something to pair it with. Just train yourself to find the right pair, even if it takes many tries to get it.

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