Still working on this, blargh.

I haven’t really updated this blog with in-progress paints, so here’s one with some commentary!

I did some rough value placement (the “slime” one) the night before, and spent about 90 minutes with the colors today.
Morrigan is still rough; darker tones are missing around the edges to make it pop. It looked boring with the front light source, so I barfed out a really strong secondary light on top. I’ll need to add in subtle color variation as well, but the definition is mostly set.

I’ve been doing the rough values thing especially for this collage piece since all the characters are painted on one layer, which is a transition that I’ve been making over the last six months to color faster.
I’ve made strides in being comfortable with my palettes and picking more appealing lighting schemes. Skin colors are still annoying to do, though, and hair still is a mystery to me.
Also, I have learned to not overwork the rendering and let more defined forms show with rougher strokes. With that and having more relaxed line art, I think I’ve hit a happy medium my illustrations so far.

Still have five (or more) characters to finish…

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I like horns.
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3 Responses to Workflow

  1. zeh_turtle says:

    Before even reading the post the first thing that came to mind was slime girls. Can’t wait to see the finish. =D

  2. You can do it \o/ I believe in you….Bye bye.

  3. Apeman says:

    90 minutes is pretty fast. You seem to be quite trained in this

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