Book update: Meraviglia

The cover image folds in half, if anyone is confused.

So about that book…
I finished and sent off the files to printers to get proofs done. I’ll be expecting to get them back this week, and they should be ready for final soon.
The content of the book will be mostly the drawings I did for the collage, plus a few extras. It will be full color at A5 size and ready for sale at AX next month.

I know people have been asking me to do online sales for the book, which I may look into, but I can’t promise anything if the demand isn’t high enough for me to take care of the logistics. So if you can’t make it out to AX, then let me know what you want to see the book sold online!

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I like horns.
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12 Responses to Book update: Meraviglia

  1. rinka555 says:

    Would totally buy a copy dude! Love your style and out of all honesty tend to drift toward your idea in proportions (y) srslywouldbuy10/10

  2. lazer 22 says:

    how about just doing a direct paypal to you without the need of a place say like lulu. ive been looking forward to when youd finally do a book so im all in for buying a copy even if i have to mail a check!

  3. I would buy online without a doubt~

  4. Robbo says:

    I love your art and have been following your blog for quite some time. However, I can’t afford to make it out to LA for AX (plus I live on the east coast, so it’s a bit of a trip for me). I do want to keep supporting you though, and would buy your book in an instant if you made it available for sale online!

  5. mockbrian says:

    I would buy it online!

  6. toshesenshi says:

    Always caved in for great artwork and books. Would definitely buy this one up.
    *starts counting cash*

  7. Zeptoid says:

    I would hope for you to put this for online sale. It’s something I would definitely buy if I had the time to go to AX, which unfortunately isn’t the case. I can only look forward to a positive response.

  8. EzkaTKoB says:

    I will definitely this book if you make it available online since I cannot go to AX.

    • EzkaTKoB says:

      Wow, I just pulled an “I accidentally an entire bottle of coke.” If it wasn’t obvious, I meant to say I will definitely BUY this book.

  9. I’d totes buy online.

  10. Minty1 says:

    ^Ditto, I’d buy a copy from an online store or could paypal you the money for one.

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