Anime Expo 2014



So I got my books in! It’s an A5-sized book with 32 pages of full-color drawings, mostly from the collage earlier in the year.

They’ll be ready for sale by AX next week; people who are interested in purchasing them online will have to wait a bit, but expect updates on that soon.
I’ll also have the above two prints, as well as a fresh stock of the Kill la Kill ones I had from Fanime. Those sold out really quickly, so grab them as soon as you can!

I’ll be at table D42 at the Artist Alley, so look for me there with several of the people from Mechafetus/Lab Zero.

About EU03

I like horns.
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8 Responses to Anime Expo 2014

  1. lazer 22 says:

    cant wait to get one tho mine will have to be an online order 😦

  2. ushio says:

    are you going to make international shipping’s?, I don’t even know If you are going to sell it online but orz….

  3. Atenuu says:

    Could I get an idea of the price this is going to be for international shipping? Also is there someplace I can buy prints for your other work? (if you do that)
    This book looks great and I can wait to buy it!

  4. rinka555 says:

    Looking forward to the book, But Oh man I would love some of those prints, will they also be available online?

    *Sits and waits in Australia* ._.

  5. mathias says:

    Is there higher resolution of this ‘silver hair miku’ on any of your sites?

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