Prints for sale!

Since people have been asking, I’ve finally been able to put up poster prints for sale.

You can purchase them here:

I don’t have a very large stock of prints at the moment, so orders need to be fulfilled on demand. Thus, I’ll be holding a short pre-order period to gauge how much will need to be fulfilled, then I’ll be able to start shipping.

Thank you for supporting me!

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I like horns.
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16 Responses to Prints for sale!

  1. Humm looks good know which one to get!

  2. Atenuu says:

    Is 11×17 really the size they’ll be printed at? That’s quite small for a print.

    • EU03 says:

      11″ x 17″ is the standard size you’ll see from most artists at a convention. Going larger to 18″ x 24″ means it starts getting considerably more expensive as a short run in both production and shipping.

  3. Nade says:

    Are those prints laminated? Or just some sort of a better paper?

    • EU03 says:

      They are not laminated (pretty expensive!), but the stock is on a 80lb matte finish, meaning it’s just a touch lighter than card stock. If it were any thicker, it would be difficult to roll these into the tubes without some damage to the stock.

  4. lazer 22 says:

    gotta order some! ill see if any of my friends would want a few too!

  5. MSF says:

    Can I ask when you will start shipping? I’m ordering from Australia and would like to know (roughly) when it should arrive.

    • EU03 says:

      I have a few extra prints that I can ship right now (namely the Kill la Kill set and some others), so if you order now, there’s a good chance I can send it out by Monday.

  6. W-Sea says:

    But waaah~ I want the book ;_; I really want to order it but i was too late back then.

  7. kikimaru024 says:

    Man, I nearly missed out on this thanks to work.
    Thanks for the last-minute reblog!

  8. Hobbes says:

    I missed the book, too. Is there any chance of it being reprinted?

    Thank you. Love your work!

    • EU03 says:

      There’s no incentive for me to re-print the books at the moment unless if I can somehow be guaranteed about 50-100 orders, simply because the cost is too prohibitive to do another short run.

  9. I just need 3 more to have them all waiting for next paycheck!

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