I should have just drawn Heroes of the Storm

Finally got around to finishing this piece, so it’ll be a print ready for AX this year.
You can find me at B69. If not, I’ll put this for sale at my online store later this summer.

This was an interesting color palette to use. Since the red and blue light washes out the neutral tones, it was a bit of challenge of figuring out how all the materials would absorb/reflect the colored light. I haven’t had many opportunities to draw an environment, but rendering out the details was fun.
I actually painted out all of Vi’s butt, but it’s completely covered up by her fist.

Also, I hate drawing hats.

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I like horns.
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1 Response to I should have just drawn Heroes of the Storm

  1. sjur says:

    Rendering is spot on as always, but the composition could be better.
    The interaction between Cait and Jinx is cute, but I feel like Vi should be doing something instead of just standing there being a total babe. Also, she looks HUGE, like she’s on top of a crate or something. Just my two cents ;^)

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