Chronicling my experiences in trying to improve.

3 Responses to About

  1. Alandra Johnston says:

    Im a fellow artist and i gotta say, im a bit jealous of your skills. Im super good but i tend to screaw up on coloring. I think the breast look fine, but yeah you so gotta be a guy huh lol? I just found out about your site and i totally love it. So pleeeaaaasssseeee message me on facebook or email me some time, i so want to learn more from you please TTwTT

  2. Benjiro says:

    tambien soy dibujante y tu blog me ayudó mucho, como inspiracion y referencia.
    la naturalidad con la que dibujas es admirable, no dejes de subir dibujos 😉 gracias

  3. SuperMadDamRepus says:

    hello m8;
    just dropping by; must admit I fancy your patience, drawing every day.
    one litte request maybe: the way you draw faces is unique but some variation might ..like.. get you a tad out of the comfort zone.
    stay sharp man

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