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Surprised I wasn’t banned from Twitch

After much hemming and hawing, I finally drew a Nonon print. This time, I chose to go for a much more authentic look for the lettering by actually writing out the calligraphy with a brush on paper. It was still … Continue reading

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Prints for sale!

Since people have been asking, I’ve finally been able to put up poster prints for sale. You can purchase them here: I don’t have a very large stock of prints at the moment, so orders need to be fulfilled … Continue reading

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Water caustics

Took a break to get a little back into painting as well as some studying. The biggest bit of challenge was figuring out how to do water caustics and some refraction. I’m sure there’s a smarter way to do them, … Continue reading

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More flat stuff

I have a whole checklist going on here, so I’m going at this for a while. Reminder that there are two weeks left to pre-order my book!

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Like a washboard

I’ll probably going to be drawing flat(er) chests for a while. Sorry!

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Kill la Blugh

I managed to finish these last night, so they will be ready to be printed and sold for Fanime and AX this year! Admittedly, these are fairly similar in design to the Homura illustration I did years ago, but I … Continue reading

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Some advice

Here’s an update on that drawing. Now for the long part: With it being the new year and all, I wanted to impart some words about being an artist on the Internet. Actually, most of these can be applied to … Continue reading

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Why do people still do this stop it please

I’m exaggerating a little with this one, but I see this stuff everywhere! Blush does not magically form around highlights, so figure out other ways to make them show up. I’ll get around to doing a new year’s drawing, so … Continue reading

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Pecking away

So this turned into a thing where I only draw in once a week, but maybe I should change that. I’ve drawn in seventeen characters so far, and I think I could shove in another eight into the canvas. However, … Continue reading

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Stay free

No, I’m not watching the show. Maybe I should just change my target audience to females.

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