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Being non-committal

So I threw out about 2-3 hours of rendering after realizing no matter how much I was going to grind away, it wasn’t going to look better. Then I did a much better skin render in forty minutes. It was … Continue reading

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Kind of getting over my hump; I think just drawing a bunch of random designs did help. Fan art is nice and all, but it did make me stressed out. Eh. Also, I only noticed it looks like Curly about … Continue reading

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This is not how you design things. Sometimes, I wish I could not spend Tuesday nights out until past midnight, but I don’t think that’s going to change any time soon.

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I’m slowly dying

I need to do something about my issue with pose invention, or I’m going to go insane. Maybe I should flip through some books.

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No more cons

Just passed out immediately when I got back from SDCC last night, so here’s a late update. Comic Con was pretty fun, despite the insane crowds and the smell of vomit and urine on the streets in the morning. Also, … Continue reading

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I can’t feel my legs.

So I remembered that Comic Con is a lot of walking through an infinite sea of people. I’ll be back tomorrow evening, then I can return to holing up in my room for the weekends.

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4 0 5

I, uh, don’t know. It’s actually from a much older design that I didn’t think much about. The design elements are very scattered and don’t really compliment each other. Time to start over, I guess.

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