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Book up for pre-order now!

If you couldn’t make it out to AX this year, I’m now taking online orders for my first book. I’ll only be taking orders until the end of July; after that, whatever extra stock will be up for open … Continue reading

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Anime Expo 2014

So I got my books in! It’s an A5-sized book with 32 pages of full-color drawings, mostly from the collage earlier in the year. They’ll be ready for sale by AX next week; people who are interested in purchasing them … Continue reading

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Book update: Meraviglia

The cover image folds in half, if anyone is confused. So about that book… I finished and sent off the files to printers to get proofs done. I’ll be expecting to get them back this week, and they should be … Continue reading

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Still working on this piece… Not that fond of the hair or how the values seem to be kind of all over the place. I’m at least happy with the definition of the face and legs. I’ve been busy now … Continue reading

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Something something holidays

Well, this came out nothing like how I wanted it to come out. I am not sure how colors work in the dark. This could be a lot better!

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I forgot how hard arms were to draw. I’m trying to not be lazy with the defintion of the face so it’s not so flat. And here’s an update with that collage (it’s not much).

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Onto something else.

Larger resolution here. Finally finished this set of sketches, so now I can put aside some time to try that other thing I had in mind…

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I’m not dead (yet).

I’ve still been drawing every day. Here’s just some of the stuff that I’ve been putting out. When I stopped updating, it did feel like it was a bit hard to let go. However, I don’t miss it. I’ve been … Continue reading

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Shamu Merurururururuusa

A pretty long and busy day at Anime Expo today. Thanks for those people that mention about my blog and/or tumblr! It makes me feel like I’m actually doing something (which I’m totally not). This is another commission piece I … Continue reading

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Multiple parodies

I’ll leave it to your interpretation.

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