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Homework is work at home

Larger resolution here. I managed to finish up this week’s homework today…sort of. I was cross at myself for not being able to make a design that I was looking for. Then I realized that I actually didn’t know what … Continue reading

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I watched The Wolverine today

I also drew a lot today. This is only a small chunk of what I did, actually. It was a pretty good film! Be sure to stay after the credits.

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I’m most definitely not in any mood to draw right now. Everything I’m attempting looks like garbage. Here’s a rough study. It’s all I can barely muster to do right now.

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Just pretty busy making a lot of last minute transactions and packing up after AX closed up, so I barely had time to scribble. It haven’t done pencil sketches in a long while because I was stuck with some really … Continue reading

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Please don’t use this

I wanted to do something quick, so I drew this up, since I felt like I needed to try coloring something. Actually, I don’t paint in a strict workflow like this; there’s a lot of jumping around and tweaking in … Continue reading

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Pose invention

Someone kill me.

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Just did some crappy concepts because I’m way too tired right now.

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These were surprisingly pretty annoying to render. I have one, which was useful for reference, though I had to improvise the lighting to make it look better.

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How do I lip

Some paint practice. It’s pretty easy to draw a mouth when you don’t have to worry about trying to fit it on a face. This was less of a focus on construction and more on trying to understand the texture. … Continue reading

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I think interiors are harder

Once you start doing interior shots, perspective becomes a lot more strict. It’s sometimes easy to kind of fake perspective with a wide outdoor shot, but things can get really distorted and odd if you don’t check perspective for indoor … Continue reading

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