What program do you use?
I use openCanvas5 for sketching, inking, and painting. Photoshop CS3 is used to any post-editing.

Why do you use openCanvas5? What about SAI?
I initially used oC3 because it had a very simple and fast interface for changing brushes on the fly. Later, I found out that the lines that oC3 makes were really unparalleled to whatever else I tried to draw with.
oC3 eventually became too unstable for the size of my files, so I moved to oC5. It retains the legacy brushes from oC3, but the UI is a little different. It is also much more stable. Unfortunately, it, still suffers from some odd bugs.
I tried SAI once, but was not accustomed to dealing with how it handled its workspace.

What Photoshop brushes do you use? Can I have them?
I don’t use Photoshop brushes. However, these are the brushes that I use for openCanvas:
Click me.
They are very simple in nature, so I don’t actually rely on any fancy brushes when I draw or paint.
Apparently you can use textured brushes in oC3 still, so I may experiment with that in the future.

What tablet do you use?
I used to use a Graphire 3 4″x5″. However, I’ve retired that and switched to an Intuos4 Medium.

What do you use for reference?
There are some models I keep track of, as well as Met-Art and currently using Posemaniacs for study. Fashion catalogs help, too.

5 Responses to FAQs

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  2. Milistaier says:

    Hello. Do you do commissions?

  3. Just wondering.. Did you go to uni for art? And where at if you did/didn’t? Good experience?


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