Finished another Skullgirls illustration for one of our IndieGoGo contributors. This one was pretty fun to play with the lighting and effects.

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Four characters

I was tagged earlier in the year to list out my top four characters, so I drew them out instead. I picked the ones that I enjoyed drawing the most (currently).

I’m slowly getting the hang of using Copics, but the downside is that now I’m practically sucking down my markers now.

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Books are back in stock

Untitled 1

If you’ve missed out on your first chance to get my book, I’ve printed out a bit more for regular purchase at my Storenvy! Poster prints are also on sale for a month, too!
You can find all this at http://eu03.storenvy.com

Also, since it’s the first post of the new year, have a sheep.

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Grey Goose


Click for full res.

Spent this last week for my final digital painting assignment.  It went by pretty rough, but I think I got a satisfactory result out of it.  Painting a character in an environment is something I am completely not used to, but it was made a little less painful by locking in a solid perspective and cheating a lot with the depth of field.

I have a better grasp on making fuller compositions with color, so I’m looking a little forward to the next time I do a complete painting.

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I was to do a character illustration for class, so I took the opportunity to draw some horns.
I’m OK with the final result, but it’s still not pushed quite the way I wanted in the end. It could still use a lot more refinement and adjustments; if it was going to production quality, I’d start painting over the lines and fix up the sloppy feet.
I still had fun with the assignment, and I also want to make a model sheet for her at some point…

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I recently finished this Skullgirls piece for a very gracious backer from our IndieGoGo campaign.
It’ll be featured on a stick from Foehammer as well, so maybe we’ll also throw up photos of that when it’s done.

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Horrifying stuff



Sketches I did for Halloween; some flat, some not.
I’ve been pretty bad about keeping this blog updated with the random work I’ve been doing. I’ll try to keep up with it.

Speaking of which, this blog turned three years old a little while ago!

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Prints for sale!

Since people have been asking, I’ve finally been able to put up poster prints for sale.

You can purchase them here:

I don’t have a very large stock of prints at the moment, so orders need to be fulfilled on demand. Thus, I’ll be holding a short pre-order period to gauge how much will need to be fulfilled, then I’ll be able to start shipping.

Thank you for supporting me!

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Disgaea 5

Quick sketch of Seraphine from Disgaea 5.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little tired of Disgaea, though. Plowing through the fourth game right now, and the metagame still hasn’t really changed much.

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Some flat, some not


A bit of a lack of updates, so here’s several of the sketches I’ve scribbled out over the weeks.

I’ve been having moderate success with a new approach to sketching (single line-width pen). I’ve been liking it a lot since it forces me to be imperfect, so it lets me focus more on the composition and foundation lines. It’s similar to drawing in MSPaint or oekaki, so I suggest giving it a try if you’re having trouble sketching.

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