Finished another Skullgirls backer commission, yay.
I shot myself in the foot by not planning the background ahead of time, but I managed to get something to sort of agree with the composition in the end.

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Apparently it was her birthday?
This was supposed to be a faster color study of ekao’s style, but I ended up getting a little involved with the effort again. I learned some useful things, though!

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Am I the only one that was confused when I first heard her name was Honoka?

This was supposed to be a fast color thing, but I got really sucked into it. I need to color more so I don’t do that as much…

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Finished another Skullgirls illustration for one of our IndieGoGo contributors. This one was pretty fun to play with the lighting and effects.

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Four characters

I was tagged earlier in the year to list out my top four characters, so I drew them out instead. I picked the ones that I enjoyed drawing the most (currently).

I’m slowly getting the hang of using Copics, but the downside is that now I’m practically sucking down my markers now.

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Books are back in stock

Untitled 1

If you’ve missed out on your first chance to get my book, I’ve printed out a bit more for regular purchase at my Storenvy! Poster prints are also on sale for a month, too!
You can find all this at http://eu03.storenvy.com

Also, since it’s the first post of the new year, have a sheep.

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Grey Goose


Click for full res.

Spent this last week for my final digital painting assignment.  It went by pretty rough, but I think I got a satisfactory result out of it.  Painting a character in an environment is something I am completely not used to, but it was made a little less painful by locking in a solid perspective and cheating a lot with the depth of field.

I have a better grasp on making fuller compositions with color, so I’m looking a little forward to the next time I do a complete painting.

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