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Looking at notes

Larger resolution here. I meant to do short pose studies today, but I ended up reading my notes slowly and taking my time with this one. I ended up being completely engrossed in it, short of coloring it. It was … Continue reading

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So how about that Max Payne 3

Unfortunately, I forgot to pre-load Max Payne 3 today, so I didn’t actually get to play it. I wish I was better at subtractive/additive drawing; I keep losing shape of my silhouette and finding that the smaller details are messing … Continue reading

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Not much to say, other than that I’m slowly plugging away at this. I’d like to work on it some more tonight, but I really need to fix my terrible sleep schedule.

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No short hair

Couldn’t figure out where to put the sisters. Planning to do finish this up by Anime Expo…though someone did point out the similarities of this drawing to another one, so now I’m just really depressed.

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