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Like a washboard

I’ll probably going to be drawing flat(er) chests for a while. Sorry!

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Nothing to show

Con fatigue is starting to catch up, though I’m still a bit sad that tomorrow is the last day. This was another commission, though this time I attempted it with a brush pen. It’s a finicky tool, but I want … Continue reading

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Everything is caving in

Just really tired and nauseated. I’m going to try to sleep now so I can actually do something about this ridiculous schedule I buried myself into.

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Jumps into the rapids

I struggled with this one way more than I should have. For once, I will say that the breasts are too large. Why is it that the characters you like the most are the ones that are the hardest to … Continue reading

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Flat Rock Shooter Redux

Failing at perspective here; I’m starting to run out of ideas. Flat week ends tomorrow, though.

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Hello from Comic Con

I wonder if this photo upload looks alright. Flat week continues…

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Flat Rock Shooter

Well, I guess that’s flat enough. I was mostly just testing openCanvas 5.5, which saw release just now. It fixed some bugs I had with openCanvas 5, but it also introduced some weird bugs and expanding some of the tool … Continue reading

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