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I forgot how hard arms were to draw. I’m trying to not be lazy with the defintion of the face so it’s not so flat. And here’s an update with that collage (it’s not much).

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Baden Baden

Maybe it is BlazBlue week after all. I wanted to draw Ragna, too, so I could title the post “OTP”, but maybe for another time.

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More proportions

Spent a long while on today’s stream drawing very slowly to work on these. Not only am I not used to proprotioning with this style, inking like this makes me three times as slow. Who to do next (if anyone … Continue reading

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Going back on this style and still making tweaks to the proportions. Doing lineart like this is bringing back the old OCD tendencies; I’ve made three revisions to the drawing since I started writing this post. Maybe I’ll try doing … Continue reading

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Carnage Scissors

I was tired today, but I dunno if that explains what I drew. I got actually unexpectedly taken away to the J. Paul Getty Museum over here, which was interesting, actually. I took a lot of photos for reference, so … Continue reading

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It’s your birthday, Noel

But no one remembered it… Protip: Don’t go to the theater on Christmas Day.

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Then I’ll just draw something no one likes

Happy Christmas, everyone!

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