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One of those times

You know those occasions where you finish a drawing and you have no idea how you managed to actually do it? Well, yeah. Finally managed to finish that clothing rendering. it’s not perfect, but I finally settled on an approach … Continue reading

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How do I dress

Not entirely sure how to do the whole drapery thing… I wonder what would be the best way to make of references for this. Also, this is the worst Kuroneko I’ve drawn. But I’ve only drawn two, so…?

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Who is Ririchiyo

Because I apparently drew her (no, I haven’t watched Inu × Boku SS). Man, I look like a total lolicon from this drawing alone. I guess I should do homework tomorrow.

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I figure I should draw something with fan service, because I notice my view count drops like I rock when I don’t. This one was based on a suggestion. I’ve actually never drawn Morrigan proper, I think. I think she’s … Continue reading

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This one is very much unfinished; hopefully it will come out into something very nice in the near future. Yes, I did choose to stick in those garters while I was near done sketching.

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Sorry, Miku

Why so flat… Just a quick one for the night. Also, garters.

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Sorry, Kaname

It’s Kaname’s character, gugoi desu! I should probably add a garters tag.

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Sorry, Doom -redux-

Just felt like coloring. It’s Doom’s character, if that needed to be reminded.

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Sorry, Ippus -redux-

Larger resolution here. Going back on Ippus’ Camille, I tried to fix up some colors. Unfortunately, coloring red is really difficult once you start going deep; I should have used some blues in hindsight. Oh yeah, I made a tumblr, … Continue reading

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