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I don’t know how to draw clothes

Or men. Sketching out this print, but the composition seems to be very…odd. I also need to figure out if I want Lucina to be clipping Chrom because of those goddamn tangents.

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You sayin’ I like dudes?

Hey guys, Beowulf won! No more fighting anymore, right? I’m perfectly fine with this, myself.

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Then I’ll just draw something no one likes

Happy Christmas, everyone!

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Larger resolution here. Why is it that Sunday is usually my worst stream days? Due to certain things, I had to limit myself a bit, so I made a rough sketch of Sol and tried to color in this style. … Continue reading

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Yukiko’s theme is the best

This drawing didn’t come out nearly as exciting as I was hoping for it to look. I really wanted to try drawing Izanagi in there, but I didn’t have anymore time today to work on this. So who is everyone … Continue reading

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Nothing to talk about

Yeah, I don’t really know what is going on in this picture.

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For the moe

There’s a bit of a story for this one, but I’d rather have people surmise it on their own. Taking it a bit easy today, more work tomorrow fuuuuu.

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Larger resolution here. From Sunday’s stream. I really didn’t have a plan, so I went along with “drawing characters from memory” from what the stream watchers asked of me. Can you guess them all?

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Just some samples from my figure drawing session, 5 minutes each. I noticed that I was drawing WAY bigger than the people next to me. I also was apparently the only other one in class who hasn’t been in a … Continue reading

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One for the ladies

Wait, are there any who look at this blog? In any case, I drew this one with a certain female friend in mind…though she likes them older. Anyway, Merry Christmas. I hope you all got something that you wanted. I … Continue reading

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