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Grey Goose

Click for full res. Spent this last week for my final digital painting assignment.  It went by pretty rough, but I think I got a satisfactory result out of it.  Painting a character in an environment is something I am completely … Continue reading

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I was to do a character illustration for class, so I took the opportunity to draw some horns. I’m OK with the final result, but it’s still not pushed quite the way I wanted in the end. It could still … Continue reading

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Some flat, some not

A bit of a lack of updates, so here’s several of the sketches I’ve scribbled out over the weeks. I’ve been having moderate success with a new approach to sketching (single line-width pen). I’ve been liking it a lot since … Continue reading

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Merry Halloween

Well, it’s that time of year again. Call of Duty is out next week! Anyway, I wanted to color this one, but I only had enough effort in me to do a sort of stone render. Maybe I’ll properly color … Continue reading

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Pecking away

So this turned into a thing where I only draw in once a week, but maybe I should change that. I’ve drawn in seventeen characters so far, and I think I could shove in another eight into the canvas. However, … Continue reading

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I’m slowly dying

I need to do something about my issue with pose invention, or I’m going to go insane. Maybe I should flip through some books.

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Just hastily painting this together since I have to get ready for EVO tomorrow morning. Not sure what I’ll be posting during this week, but I’ll be bringing my laptop and tools.

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Pushing paint

Kind of going off from yesterday, I picked up an older drawing and started mucking around with it. It’s far from perfect since I rushed through it, and the values aren’t very good. I should probably do some color studies … Continue reading

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What is moe

The world may never know. So close to catching up on work, so I can catch up on more work!

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Happy Mother’s Day

I hope you all did something extra for your mom today. I really do need to do more sketches with context to them; in hindsight, I should have added more of a background to this one. Maybe I should start … Continue reading

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