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Pecking away

So this turned into a thing where I only draw in once a week, but maybe I should change that. I’ve drawn in seventeen characters so far, and I think I could shove in another eight into the canvas. However, … Continue reading

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I still think it looks off

Finally finished it…I think. Either way, I’m not looking back at it. I still haven’t watched it, though.

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I’m sorry, Pfhor

Busy day, so I only did a bit of coloring for the night. I think lately I’ve been really not confident in my colors, so it’s been resulting in doubting my original choices and making worse ones.

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Seeing red

That goddamn dress; I’ll never draw it correctly. I’m a bit more confident in inking faster now, so I might just go through with more complete drawings this way, instead of chopping through my sketch lines like I’ve always done. … Continue reading

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No, I haven’t watched it yet.

Because I don’t watch anything these days. I’m not sure if hiking up the dress like that makes sense, since it’s so much cloth. I also wish I could have given her bigger horns.

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