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Some flat, some not

A bit of a lack of updates, so here’s several of the sketches I’ve scribbled out over the weeks. I’ve been having moderate success with a new approach to sketching (single line-width pen). I’ve been liking it a lot since … Continue reading

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Finally pushed this one out the door, though some bits are clearly rushed. If you follow the P4A community, you might see this pop up somewhere, hopefully sometime soon. Speaking of robots, how about that new TF2 update? Can’t say … Continue reading

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Elizabeth is so moe

But this isn’t Elizabeth. I secretly wish that Aigis got glasses instead of that visor for the DLC.

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So, I guess P4A is out

Got back home pretty late, since I was over at a friend’s with some Persona 4 Arena going on. So here’s a kind of crappy Aegis that took too long to draw.

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Well, it’s over.

Random sketch. I was trying to draw Narukami/Seta/whatever the hell is name is, but it was starting to be a bit un-manly. So, with a quick change, everything is all right now. Can’t wait to get some sleep soon.

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Insert some Persona-related title here

So, someone suggested Aigis. And then another person suggested Yukiko. So I drew both. Exciting times! By the way, my figure drawing sessions are no longer in effect, so I might be starting the streams earlier again.

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Well, I guess Persona is still popular

She’s not even on my “like” list, but I just felt like drawing something like this today. Though, she is indeed voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro, so I guess that’s enough of a reason for me.

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