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Fifth of the way there

I’ve been working on this on and off during the week, but at this rate, I’d probably not finish this until just before the end of the year. I was so caught up about trying to have consistent lighting and … Continue reading

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Apparently, the girls that I draw look Korean. Lately, I’ve been liking this brush to sketch. It’s exactly the same as my usual blending brush, but just a lot smaller.

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I should fix my sleep.

And finish up my homework. The background isn’t very creative; I should think harder about things like that. Still learning things about coloring as I go along, but I can easily spend another day trying to touch up on this.

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I ran out of episodes of Breaking Bad

So now I’m watching The Shield for now. Cleaned this one up and trying to mess around with the colors and lighting. I hope it’s not too blatant who I’m trying to imitate.

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I am catching up with Breaking Bad

I don’t know why that’s relevant. I’m taking it kind of easy right now, so maybe I should color these last couple of sketches before work piles up.

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Newer isn’t exactly better

It was supposed to be a really quick warm-up for tonight, but I got tired halfway through and just colored it in for the evening. I prefer the old version, though.

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Pokémon is dead to me

Well, I never picked it up after Pearl/Diamond… She’s looking kinda Mitsuru here, though. Reminder to get your hand turkeys in! I’ve been getting some really amusing entries in, so keep them coming, please!

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