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It was only going to be a sketch

Anyway, I’m finally done with this, which means my book is 95% done (just need to put words on the cover). I guess I’ll work some more on the Scanty and Kneesocks next, then.

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It’s 50/50 split

Last time I checked the poll, the preferences were split in half. That’s actually pretty interesting. Anyway, I didn’t actually finish this, but it’s mostly polish work that’s left.

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Well, she is a model after all.

Really rough two-toning going on here; I don’t know how much depth I want to end up in the end. Before, I always wanted to try doing greyscale shading transitioning into color, but I realized that the way I do … Continue reading

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Man, I made her pretty big. Well, I think I still prefer the old Kamitsure. Maybe I’ll color it…

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I forgot how to draw

Drew this one while waiting for my turns at the arcade. I have only drawn her once in the distant past, so I attempted this one from memory. It’s probably not very close. I also have no idea what her … Continue reading

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Larger resolution here. From Sunday’s stream. I really didn’t have a plan, so I went along with “drawing characters from memory” from what the stream watchers asked of me. Can you guess them all?

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Best trainer ever

Too bad I don’t give a damn about the franchise. Taking it easy today; I think I’ll double on back to more studies tomorrow.

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