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Only a million more to go

Today was spent on fixing up stuff on Skullgirls, so I decided to start working on the postcards as well. I can go faster on these, but I need to buy either a softer pencil or just start drawing with … Continue reading

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How do I made maid

I can’t draw moe. Just really tired tonight, since I got back home from Round 1 late.

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You sayin’ I like dudes?

Hey guys, Beowulf won! No more fighting anymore, right? I’m perfectly fine with this, myself.

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I wanted to finish this up since Eliza got announced, but I just ended up being lazy about it. Hooray, Skullgirls. Not too much fixed since last time: adjusted the proportions and redrew some bits.

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This isn’t official

Or something. I needed to practice painting again, since something urgent is coming up soon. I pulled up the previous Eliza sketch I did and figured it’d be ok for practice, especially since I don’t often render darker skin. I … Continue reading

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Whose idea was this

I was out most of the day; have a crummy scribble. Today’s meeting made me realize that we have to draw about two hundred postcards for Skullgirls… I hope you don’t expect too much from me!

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Let’s try this again

I noticed some people reposting the Eliza I drew previously a lot, and it’s embarrassingly bad. So here’s a new one, but I also think it’s a bad drawing, so what gives! Maybe I’ll just draw Feng.

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