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Water caustics

Took a break to get a little back into painting as well as some studying. The biggest bit of challenge was figuring out how to do water caustics and some refraction. I’m sure there’s a smarter way to do them, … Continue reading

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Why do people still do this stop it please

I’m exaggerating a little with this one, but I see this stuff everywhere! Blush does not magically form around highlights, so figure out other ways to make them show up. I’ll get around to doing a new year’s drawing, so … Continue reading

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I forgot how hard arms were to draw. I’m trying to not be lazy with the defintion of the face so it’s not so flat. And here’s an update with that collage (it’s not much).

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Onto something else.

Larger resolution here. Finally finished this set of sketches, so now I can put aside some time to try that other thing I had in mind…

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I’m not dead (yet).

I’ve still been drawing every day. Here’s just some of the stuff that I’ve been putting out. When I stopped updating, it did feel like it was a bit hard to let go. However, I don’t miss it. I’ve been … Continue reading

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Go faster

I already reached a point where I wanted to stop working on this several hours ago, but I decided to press on. The lighting is still kind of wonky and so are the colors, but at least I figured out … Continue reading

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You guys are still going to read that the other way. I don’t feel I’m still being successful with my painting techniques, but it’s better than it has been. So that counts as progress? Still failing to incorporate enough hard … Continue reading

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Sometimes, you run out of titles

I’m not feeling very happy about things as of late. I’ve been doing a lot of self-evaluation (more so than usual), so I guess that’s sort of natural to feel that way. As I’ve mentioned in the past, one of … Continue reading

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This is Luka

Just kidding. I stole junkpuyo’s coloring again. But yeah, I never drew Sonico before, but the stream suggested her, and it turned out to be not a bad idea…sort of. Lots of pain was still involved. Back to homework tomorrow!

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