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Still being lazy

Catching up on work today still, so here’s a quick “color” on yesterday’s Caster after doing a messy value study. I’d still like to properly color it when I have the time.

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I am lazy

Just pretty exhausted right now, so I drew the new figure of Caster as a quick exercise. Probably make for something to color later, as well. I still haven’t finished Fate/Extra because I’ve been using Caster, and she dies in … Continue reading

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Next time on The Walking Dead

Yeah, this isn’t The Walking Dead. But I drew it after I played it, so it’s relevant. I’m thinking of doing con commissions in a style like this instead of killing myself with my usual meticulous pencil work. I’m not … Continue reading

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Not imitating Dan Kim

I have to get up at 5 am for some crappy family-favor job, so I didn’t spend much time on this. When it comes down to it, making pleasing shapes with just black is kind of hard, since you can’t … Continue reading

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Uhhh, spent entirely too long on this one. I’m starting to forget the reason why I’m doing these sketches. Friend sent me a review copy of Fate/Extra along my way! I only played a bit of it, but I think … Continue reading

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