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Just quick colors. More work tomorrow, I guess. I might stream later in the day, though.

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I just woke up

And now I’m going back to sleep. Being held in at work for an additional four hours is making me consider leaving my job sooner than later.

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I really like last minute plans.

NO, I ACTUALLY REALLY FUCKING HATE THEM. Also, I think Raita progressively draws her larger with each new drawing.

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Must be a burden

A heavy burden. Now that flat week is over, I can turn my attention back to things that matter…meaning I still have no idea what I’m drawing tomorrow. Oh wait, I remembered what I could draw. We’ll see tomorrow.

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Larger resolution here. From Sunday’s stream. I really didn’t have a plan, so I went along with “drawing characters from memory” from what the stream watchers asked of me. Can you guess them all?

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How ero-artists get into games

I have no idea how Sega let Raita get away with designing such proportions for a character. Not that I’m complaining. You probably won’t notice, but I actually used a different technique to sketch this one today. Using a much … Continue reading

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