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It’s the year of the horse, so here’s a horse. I was going to do a pretty long rant along with this post, but I’m pretty wiped at the moment. Maybe next time.

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Not furry

Just messing around on stream, aside from doing some design work as well. I’m still sort of lacking something with my colors, but I guess that’s because I’m too lazy at the moment to color in the rest of the … Continue reading

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And a happy new year to all. I guess I’ll reflect back on the past year and write up some resolutions. What kind of resolutions do you want to keep this year?

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Cheating a bit here

Guess what I like to draw? This is going up late since I slept for twelve hours last night, ugh. Note that I finally went and fixed the categories so that they actually make sense and use the tags.

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Drawing nudes at work

Well, the power is still out in my city, so I’m choosing to stay in at work late to draw because, well, electricity exists here. I would have done something more exciting for number fifty, but I just settled on … Continue reading

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I don’t draw canon bust sizes

Still taking it kind of easy (not really). My mind is out of it right now, and I didn’t feel like doing much. I’ll swear I’ll do some study sketches tomorrow, despite them being annoying. I actually imagined a dragon … Continue reading

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Not suggestive or anything

She doesn’t seem very happy with the legs I drew her. Subject of today’s sketch was from a very off-tangent conversation with a friend. The colors here seem very fall-like, don’t they? Maybe I should go ahead and draw all … Continue reading

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She’s dying

Well, it’s still year of the Rabbit. Next year is Dragon, which incidentally is my year. What’s everyone else’s? I want to try something more atmospheric in the future…maybe for the next sketch.

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