What is League of Legends


If you’re interested in buying this as a poster, I’ll be at FanimeCon and AX this year. If you can’t catch me there, I’ll have it up on my online store sometime after.

I can’t believe this took almost a month to finish, but here I am. Fell into my usual trappings of attempting to render out almost every single detail; the overindulgent amount of layers I started piling up nearly crashed openCanvas. Everything looked nice on the micro scale, but so much was getting lost when I looked at the full composition.
Despite using a lot more techniques and tricks than ever before, I can hardly consider this a good piece, and a lot of stupid mistakes blindsided me. I’ll try to be more cautious for the next full illustration I do.

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I like horns.
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15 Responses to What is League of Legends

  1. HandleOfHate says:


    I just wanna say that I love and highly respect your amazing art. I’ve been subscribed for a while.

    Well, I also wanna say that in my opinion, although you can see the skill involved and the high-quality results clearly, that I don’t like this specific piece all that much, heh. I kind of have a juvenile taste, so, it is weird for me to say this given that I usually prefer it that way, but – I think you kinda went overboard with the boobs here, specifically on the Ahri. Otherwise, the only other issue, one that you may argue is bigger, is that I find Sona’s face to just kinda seems off. Can’t really put my finger on it, maybe the mouth or expression?

    So, for me personally, it’s kind of a “waste” in terms of… Er, erotic fanart/”masturbatory fuel”.

    It’s still amazing as a piece of art – I’m not an artist and I barely understand what it takes to draw and paint, but, from what I can tell and from what I have learned over the years, everything from the lines to the coloring, the little details included, is just amazing.

    So sorry if my comment kind of feels useless. My goal is not to dishearten you, nor to immaturely yell “waah! it’s not exactly how I would want it to be, you should have drawn it exactly like I wanted (for some reason)”… Maybe something like that would be appropriate if this was a commission, just maybe, but that isn’t the case.

    Instead, my goal was just to leave a comment stating how great I think it is, but, well, I thought it would be O.K. to respectfully state that it’s not exactly to my taste at the same time.

    I look forward to seeing your future work!

    • EU03 says:

      Having an opinion is normal, and thank you for leaving a comment. I encourage more discussion about art, whether it’s positive, negative, or neutral.

      I also think I went overboard with the sizes here, but it was a little too late to change by the time I came to that realization.

      • HandleOfHate says:

        Thank you for your understanding! You do hard work and I felt like a dick for just not offering anything particularly useful by saying “I don’t like it” and not much else. I wish I could give some constructive feedback.

        A random question if I may?

        This is something that I have always been curious about, especially when it comes to various artists and what they draw, and it has been something that I’ve inherently myself had different PoVs about as I’ve grown older, experienced more stuff IRL and Online…

        So: How does it work, you know, making sexual content?

        I don’t know anything about you nor your PoV, but from my PoV, I’d say that your work is obviously Erotic (if it was a bit more explicit and/or involved intercourse we could say pornographic as well). Thus, I don’t see it as art that features sexual stuff for one reason or another, I see it as art that is *made* to be sexual, it inherently is such, it is meant to be visually appealing to others in an arousing way.

        Is this the case from your perspective as well?

        If so, again, “how does it work”? Does your art represent your sexuality and your views of what is sexually attractive or not? Is it something you do that is distant from your emotions and sexual self, being “simply business and/or art”? Whether it being envisioning a piece, the process of creating it or looking at the finished work of art, how do you look at it – like I and certainly some others do (“Man, woah, that is one sexy lady…”, equally as if looking at a picture of a real woman) or is it something totally different? Do you view drawn erotica/pornography as you do actual, real life erotica/pornography in the first place or is it just a bunch of lines to you (from what I’ve experienced, some people are just wired that way and see it only as just a drawing, it can’t be sexual for them, regardless of how it is drawn)?

        If not (aka if you don’t even see your stuff as erotica or the so-called Japanese ecchi), what do you see it as? What is the creative vision here?

        I myself, as said earlier, am not an artist. I do write though, however, I have never written or even thought about writing anything erotic or pornographic (might be worth noting that I don’t read written smut in the first place).

        Anyways, my point is, as someone who doesn’t quite know what being an artist is like + someone who likes (to be absolutely childish) “sexy drawn erotica/porn” as much as real life erotica/porn (solely for the obvious purposes, I can separate reality from fiction, haha), I just kinda imagine myself being an artist and drawing erotica/pornography solely to, well, pleasure myself (in, uh, multiple meanings of the word?). I don’t feel like I could separate my thoughts and, to be blunt, arousal from the actual thing I was drawing.

        Again, my curiosity has peaked, so I just want to know how erroneous that line of thinking is. Maybe it’s not a general rule that it ISN’T like that, but I’d love to know the PoV of at least one actual artist.

        Obviously, a lot of this depends on the individual – your gender, your upbringing, your mentality, your experiences, your sexual self, your taste, your likes and dislikes…

        I hope I am not overburdening you nor being weird (I tried to not go into too much depth/”too much information” zone).

      • EU03 says:

        It’s pretty simple: I just draw what I want to draw. Granted, I usually just want to draw something titillating for myself, so I think what I draw reflects that appropriately.

  2. josef217 says:

    I’d love to buy these on you online store but do you have one? I look almost all over your page but couldn’t I know it won’t be right now but i’ll be keeping tabs on it for when they’re released.

  3. Traveller says:

    Amazing piece. Love the lines, coloring, and overall style/feel of the picture. About the bust sizes? Am I glad you realized you went overboard a little too late!

    Will definitely pick up a poster copy as soon as they hit your store.

  4. Duderino says:

    As a fan of yours for awhile, just wanted to pop in and say Sona is perfect – She can be oversized, it’s kind of her running thing! Also this is my favorite pic you’ve ever done. Don’t beat yourself up over one of your best pics ever!

  5. Plucky says:

    I just wanted to say this is the best work you’ve ever made, after browsing all of your work. I heard you didn’t think too highly of it so I had to come first time post to say otherwise, IT’S FANTASTIC!!! I saw it on /v/ and tracked you all the way here. I know some people have different tastes, but I -love- the big sizes! Especially Sona. You can do women of all sizes; flat, big, mega busty, it’s all great. Keep up the amazing work man.

  6. infinityatmo says:

    May I ask how big will the poster print will be? Also how much for the poster? You are probably my only purchase for Saturday before i head straight for the concert.

  7. B-San says:

    Hi, been a fan of your work since I found the mechafetus blog in 2011. Just wanted to say that there is something off about Sona’s face to me. I believe it’s her mouth, really.
    Now that I mention it, I think I see a good amount of the same or similar facial expressions throughout your illustrations. However, it could be a subconscious thing, drawing or using the same expressions; or it could just be hard trying to think of different expressions or looks.
    I still look forward to seeing more of your work. I enjoy it. Take care!

  8. farek toyomba says:

    There’s no such thing as oversized for boobs in the anime world, I can see your hard work on rendering this, but technically could be better, I know you yourself can see whats off and whats not, so keep searching and good luck. Very good illustration btw, but cant seem to give me boner

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