She looks cold.

I only meant to spend around three hours into this drawing. I ended up putting in twenty hours instead. I’m still trying to come to terms about my weaknesses in painting, but it’s hard to push myself when I’m afraid of falling flat on my face.

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I need sleep

She’s so dreamy. D:

Spent several nights staying up until 5 AM trying to get this done, but I did it! I started on this a few months back, but it was really sloppy work. I ended up redrawing the original sketch completely, and it came out a lot better.

This will also be featured at my table at Artist Alley at Anime Expo this weekend.

Maybe I can do the other abyssals some other time…

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Surprised I wasn’t banned from Twitch

After much hemming and hawing, I finally drew a Nonon print. This time, I chose to go for a much more authentic look for the lettering by actually writing out the calligraphy with a brush on paper. It was still difficult, but a lot easier than trying to fake everything digitally.

Also, I’ll be at Anime Expo next weekend. You can find me at B69, and I’ll be sitting there with junkpuyo. You’ll be able to find this Nonon as well as the new Vi/Caitlyn poster. I expect them to sell out quickly, so I strongly suggest you come by as soon as you can if you want to get your hands on one this year!

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I should have just drawn Heroes of the Storm

Finally got around to finishing this piece, so it’ll be a print ready for AX this year.
You can find me at B69. If not, I’ll put this for sale at my online store later this summer.

This was an interesting color palette to use. Since the red and blue light washes out the neutral tones, it was a bit of challenge of figuring out how all the materials would absorb/reflect the colored light. I haven’t had many opportunities to draw an environment, but rendering out the details was fun.
I actually painted out all of Vi’s butt, but it’s completely covered up by her fist.

Also, I hate drawing hats.

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What is League of Legends


If you’re interested in buying this as a poster, I’ll be at FanimeCon and AX this year. If you can’t catch me there, I’ll have it up on my online store sometime after.

I can’t believe this took almost a month to finish, but here I am. Fell into my usual trappings of attempting to render out almost every single detail; the overindulgent amount of layers I started piling up nearly crashed openCanvas. Everything looked nice on the micro scale, but so much was getting lost when I looked at the full composition.
Despite using a lot more techniques and tricks than ever before, I can hardly consider this a good piece, and a lot of stupid mistakes blindsided me. I’ll try to be more cautious for the next full illustration I do.

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Finished the last Skullgirls illustrations on my end. This was the first time I tried doing dappling, and it’s surprisingly fun to do. In order to harmonize with the green, I tried a different approach with establishing values with multiply. It’s not something I’d normally recommend, but the colors are mostly in shadow, so it was a little easy to get away with that.

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Hey, Teitoku!


Don’t forget to tell the admiral of your life how much you love them!

I didn’t come up with this pun.

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