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Pecking away

So this turned into a thing where I only draw in once a week, but maybe I should change that. I’ve drawn in seventeen characters so far, and I think I could shove in another eight into the canvas. However, … Continue reading

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Just hastily painting this together since I have to get ready for EVO tomorrow morning. Not sure what I’ll be posting during this week, but I’ll be bringing my laptop and tools.

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She has grossly huge hands

But all the fanart of her has her with normal-sized hands. Hmm… Now I have an urge to go back and grind my succubus in Disgaea 3 so I can beat Baal sometime this decade.

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Just stop it

Been playing Disgaea 3 on my Vita (no I don’t have PS+). This actually marks the first time I’ve reached the level 2k since I got an early strong monster item. I’ve been plowing through with a strong Succubus and … Continue reading

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Who needs pants?

As drawn by suggestion. I actually don’t really care too much about Laharl, but I guess Laharl-chan is ok. Give me some other Disgaea girl any day, though. I’ve been feeling kind of down lately about drawing, and even this … Continue reading

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Screw drawing clothes

They’re overrated, anyway. I’ll never draw Asagi successfully… I should finish that Labrys, though.

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Just out of energy, out of time, and out of ideas. Bleagh, the face does not look congruent with the rest of the body.

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