Some flat, some not


A bit of a lack of updates, so here’s several of the sketches I’ve scribbled out over the weeks.

I’ve been having moderate success with a new approach to sketching (single line-width pen). I’ve been liking it a lot since it forces me to be imperfect, so it lets me focus more on the composition and foundation lines. It’s similar to drawing in MSPaint or oekaki, so I suggest giving it a try if you’re having trouble sketching.

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Water caustics

Took a break to get a little back into painting as well as some studying.

The biggest bit of challenge was figuring out how to do water caustics and some refraction. I’m sure there’s a smarter way to do them, but I just ended up eyeballing it.

I think it’s a lot more fun (and enlightening) to figure out how to do certain techniques on my own, especially since I use different tools than most people.

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Tenryuu is cute

Is this cool and edgy enough?

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More flat stuff


I have a whole checklist going on here, so I’m going at this for a while.

Reminder that there are two weeks left to pre-order my book!

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Book up for pre-order now!

If you couldn’t make it out to AX this year, I’m now taking online orders for my first book.

I’ll only be taking orders until the end of July; after that, whatever extra stock will be up for open sale, and the book will not be reprinted. If you want to secure a copy, please order one now.
I know people are also asking about status on posters for purchase online. I’m still figuring out logistics and numbers, so I’ll make an update about that hopefully in the coming weeks.


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Like a washboard

I’ll probably going to be drawing flat(er) chests for a while. Sorry!

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Anime Expo 2014



So I got my books in! It’s an A5-sized book with 32 pages of full-color drawings, mostly from the collage earlier in the year.

They’ll be ready for sale by AX next week; people who are interested in purchasing them online will have to wait a bit, but expect updates on that soon.
I’ll also have the above two prints, as well as a fresh stock of the Kill la Kill ones I had from Fanime. Those sold out really quickly, so grab them as soon as you can!

I’ll be at table D42 at the Artist Alley, so look for me there with several of the people from Mechafetus/Lab Zero.

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